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Fidoc is a platform that has the task of
linking patients with the right doctor. Fidoc takes care of how patients can
easily find the appropriate clinics and pharmacies, but find them and make
doctors by location or by their health insurance.

Fidoc aims to improve the daily life of
both patients and healthcare workers with secure and straightforward access to
the platform.

But Fidoc is not just a platform that takes
care of patients. Fidoc also gives healthcare professionals and clinics access
to a community of people looking for the right doctor. Thus, healthcare
professionals will have the opportunity to communicate with more patients to
provide as much health care as possible.

How Fidoc works

Fidoc is a specialized platform that covers
over 47 medical specialties, making it easier for patients to overwhelm or
clinician. In the past when there was no Fidoc, finding proper medical
assistance could have been exhausting and just in times when it should not take
too much time.

Fidoc’s simplicity is that at any time you
need medical care or doctor, all you have to do is visit your website and
homepage to write down what you are looking for, in which part of Dubai and the
type of your health insurance, you leave the rest of the work to Fidoc. So
simple and without stress.

Use Fidoc to find medical aid

Whether you live in Dubai, whether you are
visiting or vacationing with a family, on Fidoc, you can search for any kind of
medical assistance that you will need at the moment.

If you open on their website, you will see
that there are approximately 1000 different specialized medical clinics and
hospitals in Dubai. You can search from Emergency medicine, Acupuncturist,
Radiologist, Homeopath, and even Ayurveda. Everything you need in one place.

Find a doctor by specialty

Because Fidoc wants to make it easier for
patients to search for medical assistance on their website, you can search the
doctor specialist you need while in Dubai.

If you have over 56 specialized medical
services, imagine how many is there doctors specialists. I will tell you. There
are 8340 doctors in Dubai, which are in different clinics and hospitals with
different specialties. 

Use Fidoc to compare doctors

Even though you choose which clinic you
would like to have treatment, you can also seek a doctor’s specialist, but at
the same time, you can compare doctors. A comparison of doctors can be made
according to verified reviews from patients, and we all know how critical are
the reviews from experience.  You can
compare the doctors according to the distance from your location, and the most
important compare the doctors according to its availability. When you choose
your doctor and compare with others with the same specialty, at the same time
you can arrange the appointment.

Use the Fidoc Website to make a doctor appointment

Ordering a doctor has never been easier.
Fidoc allows you to find a specialist doctor, where you can schedule or
treatment for the fastest time. When you open your doctor’s profile, you have all
the necessary information about him. Where the doctor had experience, which is
the specialization and in which the clinic works. Also, the working hours are
recorded on the doctor’s profile, and just below is “Call now”
button. What’s very important is that Fidoc provides you with secure and safe
doctor appointment. There is no case that you will end up with a doctor who
does not have the necessary qualifications to work because Fidoc inspects all
doctors and clinics in detail, whether they offer a medical service that all
patients deserve, and all this is done before they put on their website and
made available to patients.

Fidoc: find clinics, hospitals & Pharmacies

As I mentioned earlier, on Fidoc other than
doctors, medical services, you can look for clinics and pharmacies. In the same
quick and easy way to look for a doctor.

On the website of Fidoc has 1075 clinics
and hospitals in Dubai and the areas nearby. That is quite a large number of
clinics and hospitals that the patient can choose.

When you want to review some specific
clinic or hospital, you can read the description of that clinic, and you can
see what payment method they accept and also if they work with your insurance.
On the same page, you can see what kind of specialties that the clinic has, all
the doctors and what kind of service they offer.

Once the doctor you find through Fidoc will
prescribe drugs you will need a pharmacy. On the same website, you can find one
of the total 519 pharmacies in Dubai.

You can find pharmacies that will cover
your insurance, which is usually harder to find if you go from one pharmacy to
another, and of course it’s a lot of waste of time. Fidoc is enabled very
quickly and simply, and the website is made so that anyone can easily handle
it. And the best part is that you can call and check the pharmacy if they
accept your insurance before you visit it.

It really doesn’t matter where you are in order to use Fidoc to inform yourself
about Dubai medical care before visiting.. You can reside in United Kingdom, United
States, France or anywhere in the world and schedule appointment with a doctor.

All these searches you can do on your
phone, the website is mobile friendly, which is crucial especially when you are
in a rush. We all know how important it is that some website to be mobile

There is more great news from Fidoc: very
soon they will launch the app on IOS and Android.

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